3 Things to Know About the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive System

August 17th, 2017 by

Driver-assist technologies are becoming a major part of the automotive industry. There are even many rumors about cars that can drive themselves. Although we are not quite there yet, Mercedes has developed a new Intelligent Drive System (IDS) to help you improve your driving in any condition.

The Intelligent Drive System is a series of driver-assist technologies that help you drive by keeping you more aware of your surroundings. In some cases, it can even handle the driving for you. If you are interested in a car that can make driving significantly easier and safer, or you’re simply fascinated by a car that can be your driver and driving assistant, then here are three things to know about the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive System.

It Drives for You in Some Situations

The biggest advancement in the IDS is that it has the ability to drive for you under the right conditions. Many older cars have drive systems with limited controls like cruise control. Newer cars integrate automated response systems like emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. The Mercedes IDS combines these technologies to create a system that drives for you and responds to traffic. While it is best used on highways and consistently moving traffic, the IDS has the ability to respond to traffic and avoid accidents with minimal input from the driver.

Advanced Crash Avoidance

The IDS is designed to help you avoid accidents in nearly all situations. Even when you are doing all of the driving yourself, the IDS can kick in and apply adaptive steering and braking to help you avoid pedestrians and other hazards.

Mercedes designed it so that you can dictate how the vehicle responds to hazards. For example, you can control which direction the vehicle turns to dodge a pedestrian by adjusting the wheel. That way, you can be sure that you will dodge other hazards while going around the pedestrian.

Collision Preparation and Reaction

If a collision is unavoidable, your Mercedes with IDS will prepare for the collision to maximize your safety. The pre-safe system monitors the area around your car and prepares if it calculates an impending collision.

In the case of a rear-end collision, the pre-safe system will sense the car approaching from behind. It locks the brakes to make sure that your car will not slide into another hazard. It also provides you with an audible and visible warning so that you are prepared for the impact. These improvements can make a significant difference in the damage caused by an unavoidable accident.

The Mercedes IDS is a significant improvement over other driver-assist systems. Mercedes continues to test and improve on systems that can help you avoid and react to traffic accidents. All of this is done with the high level of precision that Mercedes puts into all of its vehicles. Over the next few years, Mercedes will likely perfect these systems and develop several new ones that can make a big difference in how you drive. Visit us to find out more about how Mercedes develops driver-assist systems.

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