3 Things to Know About The Mercedes Me Program

May 4th, 2017 by

As technology advances, driving becomes more and more convenient. We can make hands-free phone calls, follow maps from a screen, and back up using a camera. Some of the most useful technology that we have is that which connects us directly to our vehicle. Mercedes-Benz offers more than just smartphone connectivity (though it certainly offers that), it delivers its customers an entire package of services, products, and lifestyle offers, all under the name “Mercedes Me.”

Mercedes Me does more than just help you get the most out of your Mercedes vehicles, but it also magnifies your overall experience with Mercedes. Here are three impressive elements of the Mercedes Me program.


The Mercedes Me program is divided into several individual components, one of which is Mercedes Me Move. Just like the other components, Move is made up of many different elements. For example, with the car2go portion of Move, you can hire a smart car that you can take anywhere around town.

Not sure if you want to pay to use car2go? Move also includes a smartphone app called Moovel that compares the travel time and costs of various means of mobility, such as car2go, Uber, and public transportation. Want to ride around in style? Blacklane provides high-quality vehicles that will give you a comfortable, luxurious ride for a low cost.


Mercedes Me connects to your vehicle in more ways than you ever could before. One of Mercedes Me Connect’s most impressive components is its Remote Parking Pilot. Say you’re trying to fit your Mercedes in a particularly tight parking spot where every inch matters. Well, do your best, turn on your Remote Parking Pilot, get out of your car, see how much room you have, and you can remotely adjust your car from your smartphone.

Connect also includes the Remote Online app, which allows you to call up any vehicle information at any time, such as your tank fill level, tire pressure, Geofencing settings, and even the state of your brakes. Live Traffic Info, which is integrated with the navigation system in your vehicle, charts your ideal route around frustrating traffic jams and accidents. Me also connects you to the area around you. Car-to-X-Communication uses radio and sensor technology to take information from other vehicles in order to warn you of traffic jams, accidents, or other surrounding hazards.


Mercedes Me isn’t just about helping you get around — it also helps you keep up on your vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz ServiceContract, for example, will free you from additional repair and maintenance costs that would otherwise bog down your budget. The details of all the work done on your Mercedes will also be kept in a service database that you can access at any time. That information can help drivers stay updated on the state of their vehicle and may even help them sell their vehicle when the time comes.

Mercedes sure knows how to take care of their customers. Now, with Mercedes Me, drivers can be more connected to their vehicle than ever before, resulting in greater safety, security, and convenience.

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