4 Luxury Car Accessories That Are Worth the Splurge

February 21st, 2019 by

With so many aftermarket car accessories available, it’s challenging to sort out the truly useful ones from the gimmicks. If you own a luxury vehicle, you don’t want to buy accessories that are redundant of your car’s capabilities or interfere with any built-in features. To help you shop, here’s a rundown of four luxury car accessories that are worth the splurge.

1. Protect Your Carpeting With WeatherTech Floor Mats

If you drive in areas that are muddy, wet, or covered in any detritus you could track into your luxury car, consider investing in Weather Tech Floor Mats. Using a special laser measurement technique, WeatherTech creates three-dimensional mats that protect the entire foot well.

Made from high-density, durable materials, the mats protect your carpeting from all the grime, mud, and dampness that can quickly turn a luxury car into a mess. Thanks to their advanced surface, the mats actually move liquid and grime away from your shoes into a lower reservoir containment area. Because of the superior protection these floor mats provide, they’re definitely worth the investment of a couple hundred dollars.

2. Shield Your Car’s Exterior With a Cover

Unfortunately, you can’t always park in a garage or covered area. Buy a car cover to prevent bird droppings, leaves, seed pods, dirt, and other grime from falling on your car. The prices vary wildly. For budget shoppers, the $25 Cartman cover is made from water-repellent polypropylene. For a premium car cover, shop for a Covercraft Carhartt cover that’s designed to fit your luxury car’s form. The custom fit comes at a cost: Expect to spend several hundred dollars on a Covercraft cover.

3. Stop Losing Items With the Drop Stop

Originally pitched on the television series Shark Tank, Drop Stop fills the gap between the front seats and the center console. If you’ve ever dropped coins, ink pens, a credit card, or your smartphone in this tight space, you know how challenging it can be to fish it out. Drop Stop has a high-grade neoprene casing that allows it to have a near-universal fit. Because the gap is normally a dark, empty space in your car, the seat gap filler is virtually unnoticeable after you install it.

4. Stay Safer With the CG-Lock

With the addition of a CG-Lock device to your seat belt, you’ll be able to tighten your car’s belt in the same way you can tighten a seat belt on an airplane. In other words, you can pull your seat belt tighter and keep it at your preferred setting. The added tightness from your seat belt actually enhances your comfort while driving and improves how well you can control the vehicle.

For off-road driving, the CG-Lock allows the driver to create a tighter seat belt, allowing for better control of the vehicle. Though the benefits are most noticeable for drivers, the CG-Lock can provide added comfort for passengers as well. The CG-Lock is designed to fit most vehicles.

With these aftermarket accessories, you can keep your car looking good longer and enhance your in-cabin experience.