4 Perfect Walking and Hiking Trails in Lafayette

July 6th, 2017 by

Summer and fall are great times to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Whether you enjoy a leisurely walk or you want a more challenging hike, there are plenty of places in the Lafayette area where you can get some exercise and spend some time outside. Here are some perfect walking and hiking trails in Lafayette.

Acadiana Park Nation Station

Acadiana Park Nature Station is a great place to explore with kids. They keep the trails open during the day for everyone to explore, and even offer some night hikes on the last Saturday of the month. On the first Saturday of each month they have weekend nature talks, and then you can go on a trail tour. These guided tours take you around the trail system with a naturalist who will point out and talk about the different plants and animals you see along the way. You can check these out during each of the different seasons and see what changes and what stays the same.

Clark Creek Natural Area Waterfall Hike

Just two hours from Lafayette, you’ll find the Clark Creek Natural Area Waterfall Hike. The trailhead sits right past the Pond Store just after you go through St. Francisville, and the hike is an easy walk through the woods. Throughout the hike, you’ll come across moss-covered ravines, waterfalls that you can walk over, and some that you can even walk underneath. Chipmunks, salamanders, and even some wild turkey might cross your path.

Backbone Trail

Many hikers consider the Backbone Trail the most beautiful in the state of Louisiana. It features high ridges with fantastic views along the way. The entire trail is just 7.6 miles so you can hike it from one end to the other in just one day, or you can park at the Caroline Dormon Trailhead and walk along the road until you get to the northwest trailhead. This is just 2.5 miles if you only want a short hike or easy walk, but if you hike the trail back to your car, then you’ll get a good ten-mile hike in for the day.

Fausse Point State Park Hiking Trails

Just under 30 miles away from downtown Lafayette, the Fausse Point State Park Hiking Trails sit on a 6,000-acre site that was once a part of the Atchafalaya Basin. There is a boat launch for those who want to wind their way through the waterways of the basin, and the campground gives visitors a place to stay. The state park on the edge of the wilderness has many places to walk, while the nature center has three hiking trails for those who want to explore. You can even use the canoe trail for an even closer view of the wildlife and plant life around the center.

Head to one of these parks or nature trails to spend the day or just the afternoon exploring the beautiful sites of Lafayette. You can go any time of year, just prepare ahead of time for the weather and changing conditions.

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