5 Ways to Keep Your Luxury Car Looking Like New

May 11th, 2017 by

If you purchase a luxury car, you want to keep it clean and looking new as long as possible. Maintaining your car’s exterior and interior appearance is challenging as you go through your daily routine. But there are ways you can mitigate the wear and tear. Take a look at this list of five ways to keep your luxury car in like-new condition.

Avoid Bringing Food and Drink Into Your Vehicle
There’s no denying the convenience of eating and drinking in your car, especially if you’re running between meetings or appointments. But the more you can limit food and drinks in your car, the better your interior is going to look. Regardless of how careful you are, chances are good that you’ll drip, spill, or drop crumbs on the seats, floorboards, and other surfaces. If you must eat in your car, opt for foods that are less likely to make a mess such as apple slices, drinkable yogurt, and baby carrots.

Keep a Car Vacuum in Your Back Seat or Trunk

By putting a car vacuum in your back seat or trunk, you arm yourself with a powerful tool. If you do get crumbs in your car, it’s best to vacuum them out immediately. Otherwise, food particles can transfer grease to your luxury car’s upholstery and carpeting, creating unsightly stains. The Black & Decker cordless lithium handheld vacuum is a popular choice. It stays charged for up to 18 months, is lightweight, and has a cyclonic action for exceptional power.

Maintain the Cooling System

It’s important to flush the cooling system and put in fresh coolant at least annually. For best results, use a mix of half coolant/half water. Taking this step prevents corrosion and deposits in your cooling system. Though you may not see the build-up in your cooling system, you’ll certainly notice when it gets bad enough to impact your car’s performance.

Clean the Car’s Undercarriage

Many luxury car owners obsess about the visible parts of their car. But it’s just as critical to remove debris from the car’s undercarriage. Using a hose, you can remove road salt, grime, and other debris from underneath your vehicle. To avoid corrosion from road salt, wash the car’s exterior and undercarriage after major snow and ice events in your area.

Keep Trash Out of Your Car

From wrappers to receipts, trash can accumulate quickly in your car. One way to combat this problem is to put an attractive and discreet trash receptacle in your car. The trash bins from The Mod Mobile has eye-catching, fashionable designs. Look for trash bins that are made of durable material so they won’t allow wet materials to leak onto your car’s interior. Some bins may require a liner while others may not. By keeping the trash picked up, you’ll keep your car looking new longer.

If you have concerns about your car’s appearance, your local dealership can help you address them without causing new problems. To avoid making the problem worse, let the professionals handle chipped paint, scratches, and upholstery damage. The technicians at a dealership have training on how to deal with these types of appearance problems.