Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette Supports Timesaver Mobile Detail

October 4th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette supports businesses that provide exceptional services to our community in Lafayette, LA—businesses like Timesaver Mobile Detail. Timesaver Mobile Detail continues a legacy of excellence by servicing vehicles using the latest products and auto detailing performed by trained professionals.

We encourage all our customers to complete the look and protective qualities of their new or used Mercedes-Benz by getting their car detailed at Timesaver Mobile Detail to experience the enjoyment of owning a car so beautifully maintained everyone you know will comment on it.

Protection and beauty

Despite your best efforts, your car from Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette may get scratched, eroded, and otherwise damaged from sap, salt water, highway tar, oxidation, pollen, and even bugs or animals. Maybe you received a scratch or faded area on your car that, while not disruptive of the car’s functionality, ruins the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Timesaver Mobile Detail offers auto detailing services to take care of all these issues. They pride themselves on providing the most up-to-date products in car detailing, as well as attentive customer service. Just like Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette, Timesaver Mobile Detail values long-lasting customer relationships, focusing on gaining trust and encouraging a positive experience every step of the way.

Ceramic nano coatings

Timesaver Mobile Detail specializes in ceramic nano coatings, which protect your vehicle from long-term environmental hazards and contamination. Once you receive a ceramic nano coating, you will no longer have to regularly wax or use traditional sealers on your vehicle to maintain that shiny new car appearance.

Their nano coatings allow for super easy maintenance on your vehicle, protecting it from minor scratches, graffiti, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, and corrosion. You’ll be able to enjoy the look of a beautiful new car without the constant trips to the car wash! They can also apply ceramic nano coatings on aircrafts, motorcycles, and boats.

Make the most of your new car

Imagine how it feels to walk out of the dealership with a brand-new or beautiful used Mercedes-Benz. You’re excited to put your foot on the pedal, admiring the shiny paint and small details that make your Mercedes-Benz the luxury vehicle of your dreams. You step into the car and begin to drive, enjoying the feeling of wind through your hair and that inexplicable new car smell. Now imagine you could pause this moment and keep your car looking and feeling like that—forever.

By heading over to Timesaver Mobile Detail after visiting us at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette, you can! Just apply their protective nano coatings and see how your new car remains well preserved, exactly like the day you bought it. You’ll be shocked at the convenience and beauty offered by their affordable auto detailing services.

Call today to find out more about auto detailing!

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