The Pros and Cons of Buying a Convertible

August 24th, 2017 by

Convertibles have long been the dream car for many drivers. From driving a convertible with the top down along the beach on vacation to owning an expensive sports car, it’s easy to see why. If you’re in the market for a new car, choosing a convertible might be a good match for you. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a convertible car to help you make your car buying decision.

Pro: Sporty Style

Convertible vehicles are inherently sporty. While some convertibles can seat five people, others seat only two. Available in a wide range of bold colors, it’s easy to see why many drivers buy convertibles when it’s time to retire. A convertible is a beautiful, stylish, and highly visible vehicle to show off.

Con: Loud Cabin Space

Unfortunately, convertible vehicles have louder cabins than traditional vehicles no matter what material you choose for the car’s roof. This is mostly due to the way that convertibles are designed. If you want a car with an adjustable roof, that roof has to be made of flixible material. Even the best engineering and material won’t make your convertible as quiet as a traditional cabin. If you plan to make a ton of phone calls while driving your car, a convertible may not be the best choice for you because of its loud cabin space.

Pro: Vacation-like Travel

Every day in a convertible is like a vacation. After all, convertibles are popular vacation rental cars because they feel a little indulgent and extra fun. When you own a convertible, you don’t need to wait for your next vacation to enjoy that feeling. You can have it every day that you go for a drive.

Con: Less Security

Unfortunately, soft top convertibles are well known to have less security than other vehicles with traditional, non-removable roofs. Criminals can cut a hole in the top and use the opening to unlock your car without a key. To minimize the risk, you can avoid keeping valuables in your car so nobody damages your roof to get something out of your car.

Pro: More Head Room

In a convertible, drivers have more head room than with traditional cars because of the open air. While this generally only applies when the convertible top is down, soft tops might have a bit more space than comparable sports cars. Plus, very tall drivers could opt to always keep the convertible top down.

Con: Hassle to Put Top Down

Whether you opt for a hard top or soft top, it can be a hassle to put the top down. Some convertible drivers stop removing the convertible top after the novelty wears off. Consider renting a convertible model before buying one so you know you’re comfortable with it.

If you want a convertible car, choose a quality convertible like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet. Luxury convertibles have overcome many of these “cons” with superior safety features, automatically converting tops, and noise reduction technology. Go ahead and test drive one today!