How to Buy a Car with Your Tax Refund

2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC

Every tax season, finding the perfect new or pre-owned car is the first thing on everyone’s mind. Whether you’re looking to purchase an upgrade, reorganize your current car payment, or lease something different, a tax return is the perfect cash infusion to leverage for the best offer. At Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette, we want to help you put your tax refund to work for you and get you on the Youngsville streets quickly and easily.

How to Use Your Tax Refund to Purchase a Car

When you consider how to spend your refund in Broussard, consider the benefits having a cash boost gives to car shoppers:

  • A more significant down payment: Putting your refund toward the downpayment to purchase or lease is a popular way to save more on interest and principal over the life of an auto loan or lease. When you apply for financing online, your down payment amount can help you qualify for a lower monthly payment.
  • Take advantage of the pre-owned market and specials: Pre-owned vehicles offer buyers the most value for their dollar. These high-quality options are available at lower prices than new vehicles, and they retain their value better. New cars take the most depreciation in the first year of ownership. Buying pre-owned means, you get the most value for your purchasing power.
  • Pay down/off current financing: Need a second car but don’t want a second payment? Paying off your existing auto loan can free up funds for a second vehicle. Your refund can also get you out from under the loan on a trade-in when you’re ready to buy something new. You can value your trade online to help you see what options paying off your current loan can open up for you.

Get the Most Value From Your Tax Refund with Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette!

If you’re ready to upgrade your New Iberia commute, reach out to the team at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette in Lafayette to get the most out of your refund today. We’re standing by to help you maximize your return and get behind the wheel today!

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