6 Awesome Things to Try In and Around Lafayette College

March 9th, 2017 by

There’s lots of fun things to do in and around Lafayette College, whether you’re a student or not. Easton is located near the Delaware River and has a bustling restaurant scene. Read on to find out more about these six awesome attractions in the area.

1. Williams Art Center

Home to Lafayette College’s visual arts program, the Williams Art Center hosts open art shows and galleries for local and nationally recognized artists throughout the year. There are also musical performances at the Lafayette Theater, featuring everything from progressive rock to orchestral symphonies and authentic performances of foreign instruments and styles.

2. Franklin Hill Vineyards

Touring a winery and vineyard is a great way to see all the special equipment, techniques, and effort that go into making a wine unique. You’ll also get to taste a few wines, learn about how to distinguish different flavors and qualities, and learn what kinds of wine are great for gifts or pairing with certain foods. Franklin Hill Vineyards is very close to the college and hosts tours almost every day.

3. Lafayette and Lehigh Football

Lafayette College and Lehigh University have a deep rivalry tracing back more than 150 years. This all boils into an exciting clash when the two football teams play against each other. Local or away games are a great chance to tailgate, cooking up some barbecue and meeting new friends.

4. Sette Luna

This is one of the most beloved Italian restaurants in the Lafayette College area, offering wood-fired pizzas and a suave Sunday jazz brunch. The menu specializes in authentic Tuscan cuisine, focusing on local produce, meats, and cheeses in seasonal, simple, comfort food dishes. If you want an amazing meal to celebrate a special occasion, or want a pizza that far exceeds the typical chains, Sette Luna has just what you need.

5. Lafayette Farmer’s Market

Held on every Saturday at the Horse Farm, the Lafayette Farmer’s Market is a lovely outdoor event where you can buy fresh produce, artistic creations, and seasonal curiosities. The market also serves as a hub for educational activities and local hobby groups. You’ll meet all sorts of gardeners, physicians, chefs, artists, and more.

6. Skillman Library

If you’re a dedicated student, Skillman Library is a real treasure. The building has floors upon floors of organized literature, plus broad landscape views of the campus to take a break from reading. You can get a sandwich, coffee, or other refreshments at the Wawa café as well. Lots of students pull all-nighters at the library to complete assignments or study, so you could easily meet new people or work together with fellow classmates. Even if you’re not a student, passionate readers should take the time to visit Skillman.

Anyone visiting the area, living near the college, or even staying there while earning a degree should take some free time to try these cool places. Colleges tend to be in the cultural center of their cities or metropolitan areas, so there are tons of opportunities to have a good time, meet new people, and try new things.

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